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I have made a little system to make it easy to send push messages to an iphone, or send emails.

So far it is still in very early test (version 0.2), so there can still be many bugs in.

What is it?

The system can be used for many different things. Could be an arduino monitoring something where you would like to receive a message when something happens, could be your computer doing something and got an option to call a url, or maybe something that could send sms by an external provider.

By using push messages, you no longer have to pay for the sms you send, or have to remember to pay for new sms when all is used. Prowl, one of the services used got a limit of 1000 messages, pr hour, that should be plenty for most, and I haven’t found anything about Notifo having any limit at all.

How is it working

To push the messages to an iPhone, the system is using Prowl or Notifo, which is both avalible in the App Store.

They both require an API key, and they can be acquired on each service website.



The first thing I tested this on, was my QNAP TS-219P nas.

All I did was to go to where the SMS notification service is defined in the admin pages, then put this line in. (url is replaced with the url to where you place this system)

http://url/push.php?func=nas&[email protected]@[email protected]@&[email protected]@[email protected]@

In the php notice system, I have created a notice with the trigger “nas”, and set application to “QNAP TS219P”, which is the brand and model of my nas, called the event “Alert” and in the description field I put “%custom%”.

The php notice system will then replace the %custom% with the text the nas puts in at @@[email protected]@ and send that directly to my phone

This is an example from when I pressed the “Send a test SMS message”

More documentation?

So far there are not much more documentation than what is provided here, but feel free to ask questions by putting a comment below. 🙂

Notification options

When you create or edit a notification, you got different options you can change to fit your purpose.

First there are the trigger, which is the one that particular notification will respond to.

Next is the things that will be send with the message.

  • Application
  • Event
  • Description

Here is how they will show up on Notifo and Prowl

iPhone 4

Android Froyo 2.2

After that you got the option to send the message by using Prowl, Notifo or Email, or all at the same time, or any combination.

Next is the debounce which is a very handy feature, if you are using something to trigger, that can be triggered multiple times in a very short amount of time, but you still only want one message. If debounce is set to zero (default), you will get all messages, but if it is set to 60 seconds, you will only get one message from that trigger every 60th second, everything before that is ignored.

Then there is the daily limit and it is exactly what you think it is, the amount of messages you want to get from that trigger daily. If it is set to 2, you will only get 2 messages from that trigger every day, the rest is ignored.

Lastly you can put in a Notifo URL, but it is only supported by Notifo so far. When the message is received by notifo, and you open it (toughing it twice), it will open the defined URL.

Variable custom example

Here I have set it up to be able to put the variable price of the fish in.

%custom=fish% will then be replaced with what I put into &fish=price

The complete url to this would look like$

and look like this




V0.23RC - 2011-01-23
  Changed message routine
  Now allowing for functions inside a function

V0.22RC - 2011-01-22
  Added variable custom options to insert text to the message
  Fixed problems in the creation of tables
  Changed some fields from varchar to text
  Added URL support for Notifo messages

V0.2RC - 2011-01-18
  Fixed a problem with setting proper notify options for create of a new notice

V0.1RC - 2011-01-17
  Initial release

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  1. Hi Captain!

    This is great use of Notifo!
    I would love to use it on my qnap.
    Can you please update the download-links?
    The no longer seem to work.



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