Having an live webcam stream, from an Arduino controlled robot

Some time ago I made my WifiTank, which had a wireless camera on top that people could see from the website they were controlling the tank.

Since then I had many asking how I did it, and here is how… 🙂

I first found a camera, and to keep the price down, I choose an analogue (because I already had something to put the picture on the internet), and it was something like this http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.47854.

Next problem is to bring it online, and to do that I got a Aviosys IP Video 9100B 4-channel video server, where I got all my webcam’s connected to.

I now had the picture so I could see it from the video server, but it turned out that the video server firmware was very unstable, and didn’t give me any options to pull individual images out of it.

After a bit searching I found http://www.yoics.com/, which had made a special firmware for the video server, and here with the option of pulling each individual image out as jpg.

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  1. Hello, would you mind sharing how you connected the webcam to arduino?
    we are working on a bachelor project witih my group and struggling greatly with the serial communication and how to control an arduino through web, so any help would be appreciated a lot:)
    the part of our project is to be a fish tank with water pumps and feeder, controlled and viewed through a website, so I there is a lot in common with what you did.
    Thank you a lot .
    Looking forward to hear from you.


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