Farming Simulator 2010

December 3rd, and I was browsing around in the steam store, then found Farming Simulator 2010, and it was 85% off, so the price was only something like 4€.

First time I tried it was a bit confusing, but it is very easy to get started with, already after 3 hours I knew about everything I needed to be able to make everything run.

But it is a bit boring just driving around, doing everything by your self. But this time they finally put it in… multiplayer! So I created a game, based on the game I just was playing myself, and in less than one hour, I already had my first visitor who helped harvesting, and so on.

Only irritating thing is that the game stops for everyone while it synchronizes with the new player.

Graphics: 2/5, because it isn’t really that great, but it is good enough to not be dead ugly

Sound: 2/5, because the sound is okay to the machines, but it wouldn’t be that difficult to make it more interesting

Gameplay: 4/5, because it is actually quite catching, and with the multi player it makes it a lot better

Overall: 3/5, because it is a fun game, but more details wouldn’t hurt at all

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