iPhone and VPN with pfSense


Set up VPN

  1. Navigate to VPN -> PPTP -> Configuration
  2. Select Enable PPTP Server
  3. Server Address – Something you want to use for the server (I used
  4. Remote Address Range – “Pick a range of 16 addresses that are available on your network that is also evenly divisible by 16” i.e.

Add users

  1. Navigate to VPN -> PPTP -> Users
  2. Click “+” to add a new user
  3. Fill in username and password. You can leave IP blank to just take the first address in the pool of 16.

Configure firewall rules

  1. Navigate to Firewall -> Rules -> PPTP VPN
  2. Click “+” to add a new rule
  3. Set Protocol to “any”
  4. Save


  1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Network -> VPN
  2. Add VPN Configuration
  3. Select PPTP
  4. Fill in generic Description
  5. Enter the IP address of your VPN provider (the external address of your pfSense machine)
  6. VPN username (the one you added to your PPTP configuration in pfSense)
  7. RSA SecurID : OFF
  8. Enter the password (the one you added to your PPTP configuration in pfSense)
  9. Encryption Level: Maximum
  10. Send All Traffic: ON
  11. Save
  12. Turn ON VPN

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