Fiber and networking

After years of cable spaghetti, I finally decided to clean it up a bit.

1.5 hour later, I had this.

Along with my 50/50 Mbit fiber connection, I had to change to a more powerful router.

To handle that, I picked pfSense and a VIA EDEN.

Only problem was that it got a bit hot on full load, but that was easily solved by a 120mm fan on top of it.

To run the VIA EDEN I needed 5 and 12V. First I used a normal computer power supply, but it was bigger than the board itself, plus it was an old AT power supply and wasn’t efficient enough.

Instead I found this little SPS T-40B power supply, that can provide it with the voltages and current it need.

Next project is to get a bigger wooden plate for all the stuff, make it better, mount router on it too, and build it all into a box with ventilation from the room below.

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