Serial LCD and Electronic Brick Chassis V1.1

First time I was trying to get my Serial LCD running, I had some problems uploading to the arduino while it was plugged into the Chassis shield.

The display was connected to the UART port and was working as it should, but the software kept giving errors when I tried to upload.

After a little research with my multimeter, I found out which pins went to where, and simply removed the wire that went to the arduino’s TX pin. (the left wire on the connector)

I can now upload new sketches with the display connected and use serial monitor at the same time without any problems.

The serial adabter I am using is from, and got these functions:

  • – “GO” is cursor movement.
  • – “PRINT” is to display the serial characters on the cursor position.
  • – “CLEAR” is to clear screen .
  • – “HOME” is to move the cursor to the initial position of the top left corner of the screen.
  • – “CURSOR” is to set the effect of cursor, the first parameter is whether display cursor (1 and 0), the second parameter is whether blink cursor (1 and 0).

Example code:

void setup()

void loop()
  Serial.print("$GO 1 1\r\n");
  Serial.print("$PRINT Only 3 wires!\r\n");
  Serial.print("$GO 2 4\r\n");
  Serial.print("$PRINT Serial LCD!\r\n");
  Serial.print("$CURSOR 1 1\r\n");

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