New maws!

After my old Logitech G5 mouse broke it’s scroll wheel, and started randomly scroll, I decided to try a cordless mouse. The choice was a Logitech MX1100R, but it only lasted for about a year, plus it was very inaccurate and had a slow response time. After it started act up, I went back to my old wired G5 and stayed with that for over a year, with the scroll wheel broken. Finally it was driving me enough crazy to buy a new, and this time it was a Logitech MX Revolution.

Logitech G5

Good precise all around mouse, but couldn’t survive to meet a wall without injury.

Logitech MX1100R

Good mouse for office use, not good for games and broke after only one year. (Left and right click worked opposite randomly, sometimes double clicked when a normal click was made, and sometimes it was holding the left button down without it being held down)

Logitech MX Revolution

Haven’t had it for long yet, but it seems like a very good and robust mouse. The weight is right, the buttons are at the right places and the form is perfect. Another really nice thing is the intelligent scroll wheel, where it changes to free wheel depending on the speed defined in the driver. A bad thing though, is the charger for it. There are no connector on the wire, and both the station and power supply are too big to fit through a normal standard cable hole in a desk.

Cat’s mouse

I am sure it was with all good intension’s, but it just couldn’t be used for this…

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