Remote and alarm for Velleman K8055

Started working on a new project.

This should, when it is finished, contain

  • Total remote control via build-in web server
  • Monitor for digital and analog inputs
  • Option for sms input notification/alarm
  • Email notification
  • Customizable names for all in and outputs
  • Templates for the html remote control
  • Password protection

Download: (2010/07/12)



  • Added save and restore configuration
  • Added text boxes for the analog outputs
  • Changed the start-up routine
  • Added option for custom port
  • Check permission for Web server


  • First working version
  • Added firewall handling
  • Added the api for the Velleman K8055 board
  • Added routines for the digital outputs
  • Only working on port 1002 (will be custom later)
  • Only for K8055 addr 0 (will be custom later)

To do

  • Configuration Save
  • Configuration Restore
  • Custom web server port
  • Password protection
  • Handle digital outputs
  • Handle analog outputs
  • Monitor digital inputs
  • Monitor analog inputs
  • Email notification based on analog and digital inputs
  • SMS api for notification based on analog and digital inputs
  • Map function for analog in- and out-puts

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