K8055 Sequencer

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This program can be scripted to do very advanced controlling of lights or other devices. It is great for basic home automation projects. The sequencer program is stored in a text file; there is no limit on the length of the program. The program will do the commands every day at the same time (Run by Clock mode) or it will do them once when you click a button (Run by Timer mode).

How To

This is how the program looks like when started up. The first thing you need to do is to make a textfile with a sequencer program in it.

Program example:

22:08:00, ON3
22:08:15, OFF3
22:08:15, BL2, 1000, 500
22:08:15, PU5, 500
22:08:30, ON2
22:08:30, BL8, 100, 5000
22:10:00, OFF2
22:10:00, OFF8
23:40:00, BL8, 100, 5000
00:00:00, OFF8

How the sequencer program works is explained later on this page. Also, there is a readme file of instructions included with the download.

The first thing you need to do is to create a text file with Notepad, paste the example code into it, and save it wherever you like. Change the times so they match the time you would like to test it. (HH:MM:SS)

Next you push the “Open file” button, find and select the textfile you just created. Now the status bar should say “Ready”. The program is now ready to run your sequencer program – the only thing you need to do is push “Run By Clock”.

When the Run by Clock button is pushed, the status bar says “Running by Clock”. Now it waits for the time to be right, and then execute your commands.

Another good way to get to know the program is to open up the sample sequencer program that is included in the download. Open it in Notepad and take a look at it. Then open it in K8055 Sequencer and try running it by pushing Run by Timer. Because that sample is written to be used in Timer mode you don’t need to edit the times. In Timer mode, times are relative to the time you click the Run by Timer button, so it doesn’t matter what time of day it is.

The differences between Run by Clock and Run by Timer are described in more detail in the included readme file.

K8055 Inputs


The Inputs tab controls have nothing to do with the operation of the sequencer. They are provided as a convenience in case you want to do something interesting with your inputs, like maybe use them to make some dynamic content on a PHP or ASP page.

Please refer to the readme file or the K8055 WebLink Page for more information about inputs.




Turns the output on.


Turns the output off.

BLn, 1000, 500

Starts the ouput blinking; output is on for 1000ms, off for 500ms, on for 1000ms, …

PUn, 500

Pulses the output on one time, holding it on for 500ms.

In these examples `n‘ represents the Output Number (1 – 8) of the output to control.

Download: K8055Seq

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