Bought a QNAP TS-219P from a friend, after a webshop gave up to deliver a working QNAP TC-209.

The TS-219P looks like this, and got a 1.2 ghz Marvell cpu and 512mb ddr2 ram.

This page is now running on it too, along with some other stuff, and so far it seems to do it at an acceptable speed too.

After reading a lot of reviews, I noticed that most of them complained about the lack of speed when using the 1 gbit connection to transfer files, so I was a interested in how much I could get out of it… And I got no idea how they managed to get that low speed… Some of the tests show’d speeds down to 12 mb/s on a 1 gbit connection, and my results show that it is pretty stable at around 45-46 mb/s when transfering big files, and around 1-1.5 mb/s when transfering small files (around 12.000 files with an avg size of 5-40 mb), so I would say it is very acceptable.

Small guides

How to set up email notification with GMail

For this tutorial, I am going to pretend the email is [email protected]

  • Navigate to System Administration, then Notification.
  • What we want to do here is to configure the SMTP server.
  • SMTP server: smtp.gmail.com
  • Port number: 587
  • Enable SMTP Authentication: Check
  • User Name: bld.writes.a.little.tutorial
  • Password: (same as you use to log into your email)
  • Use SSL/ TLS secure connection: Check

How to setup SMS notification with JitBesked.dk

It should now return to the SMSC server configuration page.

  • Enable SSL Connection: Check
  • SSL Port: 443

Open the email with the license key.

  • SMS Server Login Name: 1111111 (What is in front of the – in the license key)
  • SMS Server Login Password: 2222222222 (What is behind of the – in the license key)

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