Here I will try to explain how to make the light switch, that can be found under my webcam in the living room

To control the outlet I used an old wireless on/off/dimmer.

It is about 5 years old, but perfect for the job. The good thing about doing it this way, is that you never touch, or even get close to any high voltage, the highest I had was from a 9V battery, which was in the remote for the dimmer.

I opened the remote, and quickly found the places I needed to solder the wires to, to make it even easier they had been lazy, and pulled them from the bottom of the print to the top (or actually mounted opposite in the remote), so i could just solder the wires on there, and easy get room for the extra wires and soldering.

Closed it back up, and drilled a little hole in the back for the wires to go through.

To control the remote, I am using a Velleman K8055 board, with the remote GND (minus) connected to the digital GND on the K8055, on connected to 6, and off connected to 7.

To get the information from the site to the webserver, I am using a little simple PHP script, that calls my webserver controlling the K8055.

Only thing left was then just to plug the lamp in, and it was ready to go.

Opening the remove and find the right places to solder took less than 10 minutes, making the program about 30 minutes, and then the simple php to call the program controlling the K8055 took about 5 minutes (had to change something in the Apache config). So less than one hour, and I had an easy, fast, and safe way of handling a 230V outlet.

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  1. Was directed here when searching about k8055 … but found a lot more !!
    You’re really a geek !
    but thank you, very interesting.

    Any other idea to avoid playing with high voltage when controlling electric devices using k8055 digital outputs ? I don’t own 8 wireless switches and I want to stay with a very cheap solution…

  2. Hi, I trust you are well.
    I have seen a software that you have called K8055 logger and I really would like to ask if there is any chance to have a copy of it. I’m running later on a project from college where I need to record a small increase in voltage from 0.6v to 5v logging in a graph.
    If you can help me will save my project. Thanks for your attention


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