Garage door – End stop modification

This is the original end stop switches. Looking good, but totally unreliable. The switch in the end at the open position works 4 out of 5 times, and the one in the closed position works in like 1 out of 10 times. No idea why it is like that, the switch is triggered inside, but no connection send. Inside there are a little switch, often found behind the open/close buttons on a optical drive in a computer, probably not designed for out door use, but still put on a out door garage door opener.

And here is what i am going to take their place… Magnetic activated switches! These are designed to be located on the outside of cooling trailers, where they can get wet, cold and hot. 100% sealed by epoxy in the end. The top one is how they look with the original wire, and the bottom one got my wires on, with a 3 wire cable soldered on surrounded by heat shrink tubing with glue inside.

The smaller heat shrink tubing that is being used under the one with glue in.

Here it is mounted on one of the plates that will hold the sensors in place.

Temporarily mounted under the same bracket that holds the port opener, so I was able to easy adjust it if needed.

Here the port is open, and the little plate with the magnet on is under the sensor, causing it to shift.

At the other end (closed) I tried to adjust the sensor a bit further away from the magnet, but this is still no problem. Some testing without the sensor mounted on the plate, showed that the magnet can be up to 5-8 cm away from the sensor, and still cause it to switch.

Another view of the temporarily mounting.

The gray wire is a 5 wire, and it connects to all leads from the magnet switches.

Everything is done, and only thing left is to solder the switches to the controller.

Blue = Common

Red = Closed (White = Not pulled)

Yellow = Open (Green = Not pulled)

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